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                                      SUMP  PUMPS

Sump pumps are used to move liquid from a lower location to a higher one.  Most newer septic systems have a sump pump to pump the water leaving the septic system up to the leaching system.  Some of the older systems were designed to have a sump pump at the end of the leaching system.


Many newer homes, both city and rural, have sump pumps in their basements.  These pumps sometimes handle what is called footer drain water.  This water is generally pumped to an outside drain, such as a spouting drain.


There are many models available with different specifications for each application, so usually we would need to make a service call out to your home to see which model/horsepower sump pump would work best for your particular situation.  We usually keep the most widely used models in stock.



Battery Backup System

A battery backup system is a useful product to use, especially for the sump pump in your basement.  In the event of a power failure, the sump pump will continue running on battery for a period of time to hopefully prevent your basement from flooding.